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This product has a conventional clothing care functions, such as: Moisture, mildew, moth, sterilization, deodorization, and dry the lightweight clothing (shirt, T-shirt, infant wear, underwear and other small clothes) right after washing function. This product adopts the P.T.C.(Positive Temperature Coefficient) including the advantages of gently heating technology, low power, high thermal efficiency, safe and reliable. The product is easy to operating and convenient to carry. The product can solve the travel, tourism, family and other clothing care environmentally and drying needs of lightweight small clothes. It helps to enhance the quality of user’s travel and home life.

1. Dry fast. Drying lightweight cotton shirt within 3 hours.
2. Sterilisation disinfection through the hot wind.
3. Inactivate viruses and bacteria, eliminate odours.
4. Easy to carry.
5. Selecting and using fire-resistant durable materials ABS+PC for the shell. 
6. Smart chip will prevent the machine from overheating and control the constant temperature reaching at 60°C. 
7. Microcomputer clock system. Turned on the hot air mode and remain working, after 3 hours, the system will turn on the cold mode automatically. 
8. Waterproof design. Waterproof grade is IPX1. 
9. Widely using. The Maximum loading is 12 Pounds.

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