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Working Principle:

The machine will stimulate stubborn fat by the 300,000 mechanical vibration frequency of ultrasonic wave, and then heats the internal fat with RF radio frequency, and use the red LED light to care the skin, to make the fat produce energy and achieve the slimming purpose.


1.  300,000 times/second Ultrasonic High Frequency Vibration:

waking up the cells inside your skin, improving the function of cellular metabolism, accelerating decomposition of cellulite and eliminating lymph nodes.

  1. Powerful RF Radio Frequency Function:

it can work directly on corium layer to generate heat effect, and thus enhance fat burning.

3.  LED Red Light:

wavelength 652nm LED red light with the features of high purity, strong luminous energy and balanced density of energy. It can activate skin cells and promote the metabolism of cells.

4.  Mechanical Vibration:

mechanical vibration can make collagen fiber shrink and accelerate the rate of decomposition, especially useful for stubborn fat.

5.  Multifunctional 4 modes to choose:

brighten skin mode, burn fat mode, burst fat mode and shaping mode. It meets user’s different needs.

6.  Portable and compact:

suitable for your hand to hold, and perfect for on the go.

7.  Equipped with a HD LCD smart screen, easy and effortless to operate.

  1. Smooth zinc alloy massage head: you would be feeling a very skin-friendly soft touch.
  2. USB rechargeable.

10.The applicable parts: arms, abdomen, front thigh, inner thigh, inner arm, back, waist, hips, legs etc. 11.No applicable parts:neck, face, clavicle, elbow, wrist, thigh joints, knees, ankles, head, feet, spine, etc.


Product Name:

Ultrasonic Cavitation RF Slimming Machine

Vibration frequency:

300000 times/s Voltage:100-240V

Operating voltage:

8.4V Operating current: 0.14-1.4A

Charging voltage:

5.0V Power: 12W Battery: Built-in 3.7V 1000MA

polymer lithium battery Item size: 11x9x9cm / 4.3×3.5×3.5in (L * W * H)

Charging time: 6 hours The role of time: 2 hours

Package Included:

1x Radio Frequency Slimming Machine

1x AC adapter

1x User Manual rf slimming, radio frquency slimming, cavitation, ultrasound, body slimming machine, cellulite massager

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