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2 pcs Home Body Massage Helper Anti Cellulite Vacuum Silicone Cupping Cup


There is no infection and pain in treating diseases.
It is convenient for operator and easy to accept.
It has extensive indications, limited contraindications.
It can be used not only for hospital but also more suitable for family home use.
Non-toxic, harmless, durable

1. CUPPING THERAPY KIT - All the benefits of cupping therapy in an effective kit you can use at home! Our cupping set includes transparent silicone cups that are super-soft and fully flexible, all housed in a pretty muslin drawstring pouch
2. HELPS TACKLE CELLULITE - Use with or without creams to improve blood flow and boost lymphatic drainage; your skin will look and feel smoother and firmer with a visible reduction in the appearance of cellulite. Simply create a vacuum with the cups and massage for up to 10 minutes to get radiant, healthy-looking skin
3. TESTED AND SAFE TO USE - Made of extra-thick high-grade hypoallergenic silicone, our cellulite cups have been rigorously tested for biocompatibility and durability. Safe to use and easy to clean, they are heat resistant up to a maximum of 250˚C, while the flexible material combats excessive bruising
4. PROMOTES SKIN HEALTH - Increase circulation, give your metabolism a kick-start, and remove toxins from deep tissues. Your legs, belly, and butt will feel tighter, with cellulite banished over time. Use daily for best results and long-term maintenance
5. IMPROVES WELLBEING - Chinese cupping therapy is believed to aid relaxation, promote good sleep patterns, and improve general health and wellbeing. It can even benefit tight muscles and joint pain. Professional cupping therapy sessions can be time-consuming and costly, but our cupping set offers you all the luxury of a spa treatment in the comfort of your own home

Material: Silicone
Approx Size: 55 x 55mm
Color: transparent, purple, pink, blue, green (May be Little Different Due to Different Monitor,Thanks for Your Understanding)

This work for cellulite removal. Used these once a day about 10 minute on the thighs with oil and it completely gets rid of minor is painful and bruising will gone after 1-2 weeks, and your sink will feel Smooth and firm,then you use more, the painful less and less,and use more oil, the painful is less.


1. Does this hurt or leave marks and for how long will marks last?
Yes, it is common to bruise. But by the 2nd week, they were going away. It does hurt a little, but that gets better too. You can control how much suction there is. 
2. Will these help with weight loss too?
They help improve circulation and the texture of your skin. It also helps with inches.
3. Can these be used on neck and face area?
It can used with the neck, but for face please buy the smallest size from our store.
4. Can these be used in the shower?
Nope. You should use this with massage or cellulite oil, not water. 
5. Can I use it everyday?
Sure, you can, 15-25 minutes of massage suggested per day. 



Package Included:
2x Silicone Cups(we will ship two as the same color you ordered)

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Blue, Clear, Green, Pink, Purple