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  1.MATERIAL: This Metatarsal sleeve is made with elastic fabric for the sleeve and soft gel for the bottom cushions,which stay in place well.
  2.FIT: Best for boots and comfortable shoes. Also available for dress shoes and narrow footwear. Fits average and wide feet
  3.FUNCTIONS: Good Treament for metatarsalgia and other metatarsal foot pain related issues,relieve ball of foot pains and pressures.
  4.USAGE:Comfortable sleeve slips over the upper foot , to prevent slippage securely.
  5.Removes burning & pressure from the ball of your foot by redistributing your weight over extra-soft gel pad. Superior shock absorption for walking and running, or excessive standing.
Tcare Metatarsal Gel Pads help to relieve pain in your forefoot by:
  Cushioning the forefoot with a gel-infused pad
  Providing gentle compression and support

  Reducing friction and discomfort in the ball of your foot

Size: S/L (Our bunion sleeves cushion are made of super stretchy material to accommodate almost foot sizes. )

Package Content:
  1Pair * Forefoot Cushion Pad